Friday, December 21, 2007

How To Get There (Lombok)?

Lombok is very easily accessible both by air and sea. Since Lombok gain its popularity, many airlines recently start flying to and/or from Mataram in addition to the already existing state owned airlines, Merpati and Garuda. Lombok is mostly reached by visitor from Bali as there are so many connections from many countries. In spite of the connections available in Bali, Lombok can also be reached from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore served by Merpati Airlines and Silk Air respectively.

It’s easy to get to Lombok from Bali!. Buy tickets direct from the airlines counter at the domestic airport or contact us.. in both Bali and Lombok

Merpati Airlines

Flies direct between Bali and Lombok, with four flights daily.
Price : US$ 43/Ticket/Way.

Trigana Air and Trans Nusa Air Service

Flies direct between Bali and Lombok with two flights daily, morning and Afternoon.
Price : US$ 40/Ticket/Way
Starting July 15, 2007 Trigana Air and Trans Nusa Air Service flies direct between Bima (Sumbawa Island) and Denpasar (Bali) with three times a week.
Price : US$ 42/Ticket/Way
Mataram – Sumbawa – Mataram three times a week.
Price : US$ 33/Ticket/Way
Sumbawa – Denpasar three times a week.
Price : US$ 43/Ticket/Way.

Wings Air operates three flights between Bali and Lombok daily.

Traveling by bus can be an unforgettable experience despite the time and energy consuming. Air-conditioned executive buses are available at Ubung Bus Station in Bali, some of which starts at around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Taking a regular shuttle bus is also a possible alternative to travel by bus to Lombok. Just inquire at any shuttle ticket sales counter in places of interests like Kuta, Ubud, or Sanur. However, traveling by public buses for such a long distance is not recommended as the public buses constantly stop either to drop off or pick up passengers along the way. Even if the bus is not yet full, it might keep looping around the station or town looking for more passengers. Taking a public bus in this case also will make your time and schedule very unpredictable. Instead, self drive a hired car from Bali and cross to Lombok by ferry is worthwhile considering.

Public ferries depart every two hours for the sea voyage between Padang Bai Harbor (Bali) and Lembar Harbor (Lombok). The crossing between the island takes approximately 4 to 5 hours. One Way ticket cost is US$ 3 per person. The cost for transporting motorbike is US$ 9 including biker, and for a car is US$ 53.

Padang Bai harbor is approx. 1.5 hours by car from Kuta and South Bali.Lembar Harbor is approx. 1 hour south of Senggigi, Lombok. Arrange your own transfers and buy tickets direct from the harbor, or use a reputable tour company to provide through service.

Selaparang Airport in Lombok currently handles international arrivals and has full visa on arrival facilities, with efficient and fast visa processing.

Silk Air (a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines) flies direct between Lombok and Singapore, three times per week.

Merpati Airline has flight to Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia (via Surabaya) everyday.
Garuda Indonesia has international flight to all major Indonesian capital cities, with connecting flight to Lombok.

Lombok is easily accessible from BALI, JAKARTA, SURABAYA and JOGJAKARTA and is important connection for travel to the eastern islands, in particular Sumbawa, Komodo and Flores.

Garuda Indonesia has direct flights between Lombok and Jakarta everyday.

Lion Air has regular flights between Lombok, Jakarta and Surabaya.

Wing Air flies direct between Lombok and Jakarta.

Merpati Airlines has flight available between Lombok, Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Sumbawa, Flores, Kupang and many other Indonesian destination.

Lombok is also accessible by sea as ferries sail from Padang Bai Bali to Lembar Lombok, and v.v, regularly, if often less comfortable, round-the clock. From the east sea entrance, ferry service is also available from Poto Tano Sumbawa to Kayangan Lombok, quite regular. Ferries from both Padang Bai Harbor Bali in the west and from Poto Tano Harbor Sumbawa in the east can take cars and passengers.


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