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Lombok Popular Destinations

Lombok a popular tourist destination of Indonesia is a series of small islands that attracts visitors by its natural beauty. Its untouched pristine beaches, volcano, Mount Rinjani and countless breathtaking landscapes add more glitters to this quiet destination of Indonesia.

Lombok has many popular destinations along with many sunbathing, snorkeling and diving sites. Popular destinations of Lombok comprises of many places ranges from islands to beach to city. The three Gili Islands that include Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan are located on northwest coast of Lombok and are the major center of attractions for visitors of Bali and Lombok.

Ampenan city is located on the western side of the island. It is the main attraction of the tourists among the popular destinations of Lombok. As one of the oldest city it is positioned directly on the sea and has all the flavor of a port town.

Bouldercity is another popular destination of Lombok and is one of the most famous diving sites of Indonesia. It features a Blue Hole, the Bawarlan reef, and offers excellent scope for swimming and opportunity to explore the underwater world.

Surandi City, located near the Peru Meru (the largest temple of Lombok) is different from other destinations of Lombok. The striking feature of this place is the Hindu Temple. This temple is well known for its spring water and eels.

Ampenan City Lombok
Lombok, a part or rather a very important part of the Indonesian islands has several tourist attractions. Lombok is just beside Bali but the two islands are separated by Lombok Strait. This Strait is very deep with several whirlpools and innumerable dolphins. Though the island is not very big, it is making waves as a popular holiday destination. Lombok is a surprise according to the majority of the people who have spent their holiday there. Though her fair neighbor Bali has created an impression in the minds of the people with her glamour and accessibility, Lombok will bewitch anyone venturing to put forward a foot on the island. You will find that the cities in Lombok are very modern with all the necessary amenities and amongst all the cities Ampenan city can be termed as one of the oldest.

It also has the distinction of being a port town. Ampenan city is not very large compared to other Asian cities or cities even in Indonesia. It is positioned directly on the sea and has all the flavor of a port town. Earlier big sea faring vessels were seen with regularity here at the harbor, but today with its glory as an important hub, much diminished, only smaller fishing vessels are seen. But though Ampenan’s importance as port has gone down she has another feather in her cap, Lombok’s lone airport, Selaparang Airport is situated near this town. Ampenan is known for the shopping and dining district which is the best in Lomdok. The best boutiques, best restaurants and best antiques’ shops give many cherished memories and material “treasures” to take back home.

Ampenan city is located on the western side of the island. It is the main attraction of the tourists and during the tourist season, many hectic activities are seen. You can buy many articles of interest in the city, bright designed fabrics will surely make your eyes glued to them. Gorge on the local delicacies or international fare in some of the city’s restaurants. Experimenting the stretch of your taste buds is a very good idea, chances are that you will switch over to Asian cuisine. Indonesian cuisine is all about curries, coconut milk, spices and rice. In fact any authentic Indonesian delicacy will have coconut milk to impart the rich, creamy texture and the heavenly aroma of coconut milk and spices make one craving for more. In Ampenan, you can choose between a roadside eatery and a dining room in a five star hotel, but be sure to appreciate the sophistication and intriguing flavors of Indonesian food. Poultry and meat are taken generously by Indonesians, you can opt for purely vegetarian meals too.

Bouldercity Lombok
The Lombok island, situated 6790 miles east of Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia) is located between the Sunbawa Island and the Bawa Island. The virgin beaches, the towering mountains, Mount Rinjani (the second largest volcano of Indonesia, which is the home to a crater lake known as the Segara Anak Lake and the glorious beaches add to the beauty of this island. The other features of this island are ancient temples, the innumerous bays and the promontories. The unspoilt beauty of this island that has been preserved by the residents of Lombok has made this island one of the most sought after destinations of Lombok. This island is an excellemt spot to engage oneself with water sports, such as diving, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling and other kinds of sports. If you are in no mood for water sports then you can opt for trekking or can be a part of the eco adventure tours. provides complete information on the Bouldercity, Lombok.

As far as Lombok water sports are concerned, it could be said that diving is the most popular sport. This island encompasses galores of diving sites and Bouldercity, Lombok is one of the most famous diving sites. It features a Blue Hole, the Bawarlan reef, and offers excellent scope for swimming. Bouldercity provides you with the opportunity to explore the underwater world as it allows you to descend up to 30 meters. If you have settled for this place as far as diving is concerned, then get ready to witness the marine life and get fascinated with the view of the napolean wrasse, numerous sweetlips and angel fish.

The diving centers of Lombok are well - equipped with the modern facilities. If you are a novice as far as diving is concerned, then you can take the help of the professional diving instructors, who are there to guide you at every step.

Apart from this diving site the other well-known diving sites of Lombok are, Highway Dive Site, Gendang Dive Site, Gili Renggit Dive Sight, Sekotong Dive Sites, Cathedral Dive Site, Batu Gendang Dive Site and other sites.

For a visit to this place you can hire a car.

Surandi City Lombok
The island of Lombok belongs to the West Tunggara province of Indonesia. Lombok is the perfect place to unwind the body and the mind and if you want a respite from the hustle bustle of city life then this is the place to be. This island features vast stretches of superb natural beaches, sublime landscapes, majestic Mount Rinjani, the Gili Islands, and other spectacular tourist sites. The bays and the headlands, ancient temples, the villages and the palaces of Lombok have their own charm and beauty. At this island you would find it difficult to restrict yourself from getting involved with the water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, diving and various kinds of surf sports. Lombok also offers you the chance of exploring the marine life and for this purpose you need to make a trip to the diving sites. AsiaRooms .com offers a detailed account of the Surandi City, Lombok.

During your stay at this place you can make a trip to the Surandi City, located near the Peru Meru (the largest temple of Lombok). The striking feature of this place is the Hindu Temple. This temple is well known for its springwater and eels. The locals believe that the offering of prayers at this temple is bound to bring good fortune. If you are feeling low and depressed then a tour of this city is bound to rejuvenate your sprits. It can be said that a holiday at this island would remain incomplete without a visit to the Surandi City.

If you have enough time on your hands then you can utilize your time by visiting the Pura Meru, one of the most popular tourist sites of this island. It was built during the reign of the Anak Agung Made Karang. The reason for the construction of this temple is that the king had the intention of uniting all the small kingdoms of Lombok. This temple features small meru shrines and is dedicated to the Hindu Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Surprise yourself by exploring these tourist sites at Lombok. To travel to these places you can hire a car or a bicycler or a motorcycle.


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