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Shopping in Lombok

Lovely Lombok, a scenic tourist destination, housed in Indonesia, scores brownie points with hordes of tourists who troop to sample a slice of what this wondrous locale has to offer. It is a potpourri of gorgeous beaches, vibrant culture, a rocking nightlife, plethora of shopping addresses, making it one of the oft frequented backpackers' destination. Cap off your sun basking with shopping in Lombok, that vouches to be an unforgettable experience.

Take a walk down the bustling Sweta bazaar and Cakranegara and lay your hands on beautiful collector's item, signature Lombok. Revamp the d├ęcor of your house with magnificent showpieces from Senggigi. You can also lend an old world charm to your abode by adorning its interiors with marvelous decorative items, dating back to earlier eras. Connoisseurs can head towards Ampenan for some exquisite curios. Lombok is also very famous for its indigenous basket weaving industry. Beautifully handcrafted baskets are among the top draws of Lombok, attracting backpackers in hordes. You can also shop for textiles on a sojourn of Lombok. Make a beeline for Cakranegara and Sweta marketplace for some lovely weaves. You can also travel to hamlets of Lombok to get up, close and personal with the craft of weaving.

Indulge in wardrobe overhaul on your trip to Lombok. Stack your bags with colorful sarongs. You can drop in at shops lacing Gili Tarawangan and the region around Tete Batu. The majestic Senggigi is also among one of the major shopping haunts of the region. Lombok is also famous for its stunning pottery. You can lay your hands on some brilliant pottery in the neighborhood of Mataram. You will, however, have to troop to Belak for pottery flaunting a conventional design.

You can also lay your hands upon brilliant Lombok tokens, that will make your journey to this wonderful land a memorable one. Senggigi is one of the top tourist destinations of Lombok, that is celebrated for its collection of mementoes. Collect lovely masks and wood etchings to embellish your cozy dens. Bamboo items are also among top draws of Lombok.

Lombok, the famed island situated in West Nusa Tenggara of Indonesia, is a quaint backpackers paradise. Located in the vicinity of Bali, this tourist hotspot is fast gearing up to become one of the most coveted getaways. An ideal retreat in to the lap of nature, this majestic island is dotted with numerous attractions. It has something in store for everyone, catering to the shopaholics palate as well as the party hopper's. All you gastronomes can sample some delectable delicacies, that are dished out by eateries. Dig into sumptuous Chinese and Indonesian fares that will leave your taste buds asking for more. Besides, you can also sample scrumptious tit bits.

Shopping in Lombok vouches to be a memorable one. Flecked with innumerable shopping joints, you can take your pick from an assortment of wares on display. Gift yourself an entirely new wardrobe or stack your bags with beautiful collector's items, on sale, in the bustling marketplaces of Lombok. Indigenous art and craft are on display and you can lay your hands upon lovely baskets, vibrant weaves and brilliant pottery among a host of others. Lombok's potters have carved out a niche for themselves in the whole world. The true connoisseur makes a beeline for Banyumulek of Lombok, to lay their hands on these splendid handcrafted artifacts. The region located in the western part of Lombok, scores a brownie point with tourists, who troop to its pristine environs all round the year. Cashing in on the tourism boom, the Government is pulling out all stops to woo backpackers to its lovely locales. You can master the craft of pottery by paying visit to Banyumulek, where you can catch glimpses of the potters, immersed in their craft, providing for a perfect photo opportunity. The colorful pots come in variegated shapes and sizes and they are among the most sought after souvenirs of Lombok. These pots are guaranteed to lend a whole new look to your cozy den. So, on your trip to Lombok, a visit to this lovely tourist joint is a must.

Sweta Market in Lombok
There are a handful number of shopping places in Lombok of which the Sweta Market is the most frequented one. A visit to Lombok proves to be an excellent experience for anyone, especially for a lover of arts and crafts. A trip to the place demands a visit to the Sweta Market in Lombok.


The Sweta Market is now positioned east to Bertais which is a hub for buses that travel to the east. The Sweta Market is the traditional market in Lombok known for its pretty large size. In fact it is considered as the largest market with a traditional outlook.

What can you buy?

The place is there to give you a traditional feel of Lombok that is very innate to the place.

You can buy potteries and wares of various sizes and shapes. The beautiful craving done on the outer walls of the wares exhibits the local talents of the people of Lombok. If you do not wish to buy one for yourself then you can take some of them for your friends. Many may fear to buy these wares as they are not easy to handle, but rest assured as they can send it to your home at a reasonable cost.

Lombok is a nice place to buy some of the best souvenirs and masks. The Sweta market has a great collection of souvenirs that are mostly liked by tourists.

You can also buy the 'Songket' and 'Ikat' that are the embroidered clothes. While the former basically is made by silver and golden threads and mad by women the latter one is made by men only.

Tit-a -bits

Though the prices of the most goods in general are reasonable, yet in some cases you can find prices of some goods to be much more than what it ought to be. As such be best while carrying out with bargaining so that you can save the extra amount trying out some other things. As the place remains crowded for most of the time, it is always a better idea to keep your monetary belongings very safely.

Other attractions

Though the place is mainly recognized as a shopping place, yet the place has additional attractions of eating and drinking. There are a handsome number of shops where you can have a good time enjoying the mouth- watering spicy dishes after finishing your shopping. Have a good time shopping in the Sweta Market of Lombok.

Chlna Seas in Lombok

Though Lombok is best known for its beaches and adventure sports, shopping here is not too interesting an idea. As the economy is mainly agricultural based, the place has a long way to develop. But to promote tourism industry, efforts have been taken to develop this aspect. Often described by visitors as the Aladdinas Cavea, the Chlna seas is a place to satisfy your shopping inquisitiveness. Chlna Seas, a fascinating shop housing many gift items, is a lovely place to carry out your shopping. The place is one of the renowned places in Lombok for the beautiful and amazing range of furnishes.

People flock in great numbers to this place because of the vast array of items that housed here and that to at a very reasonably price.

What can you buy?

From the long list of items you surely can get a number of items of your choice. Starting from the small feng shui items you can find a large ceramic item.

You can find a number of items of wood, silk and paper, ceramic and glass. The three-legged frogs, mandarin ducks, crystals, red -stoned Buddha, and dragons are mostly likes by tourists. Japanese bowls, paintings, figurines, silken wall hangings are bought in great number by the tourists. Among the exclusive items visitors prefer buying Chinese craved wooden furniture and Javanese teak furniture. You must also buy the baskets that are made by the local people of Lombok.

Things available

You can avail for yourself a variety of items that belongs to almost all countries of the world. Do you want to pamper yourself with a typical Chinese item? Or do you want to get the sophisticated touch of an item that has a perfect Singaporean tinge. If your answer is yes, then come to Chlna Seas of Lombok.

This favorite marketing place in Lombok is there for you with its endless list of items that are from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand. Lombok is also known for its potteries that has a unique style and beauty that is very distinct. Though a number of local shops sell potteries of various shapes, sizes and colors the Chlna Seas also has a remarkable collection of potteries.

Visit the Chlna seas to undergo a feel of the incredible land of Lombok.


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